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The Case of Greece
Five Years of Crisis and Crisis Competition
Europe Rescues its Money—The German Leading Power Rescues its Imperialist European Project

Table of Contents


Remarks on the National Bankruptcy of Greece

1. The bankruptcy of Greece is, as far as the country itself is concerned, the price it is paying for joining the European Union, including the Monetary Union, and for meeting the resulting demands on its national economy.

2. The bankruptcy of Greece is, in terms of the current reason for it and its imperialistic importance, the first price the eurozone states have to pay the financial sector for the expense of rescuing it, and a first “oath of disclosure” regarding the unresolvable contradiction of the Monetary Union and its money.

3. In order to ensure the continued existence and functioning of the euro system, the leading powers of the Union deny with might and main the politico-economic substance of the Greek financial crisis. It is necessary to convince “the markets” that Greece’s bankruptcy is an isolated lapse and can be cleared up by better budget policy. The Greeks are assigned the impossible task of making their state creditworthy again through pauperization.

Europe’s Crisis 2014

1. Europe is destroying its credit by rescuing it

2. Europe is destroying its Union by completing it

News from the European Family of Nations
Making an Example of Greece

1. An EU member state, ruined by the economic crisis and the political dictates for managing it, refuses to submit to Brussels’ and Berlin’s restructuring measures and calls for ‘European solidarity’

2. The leading guardians of the euro and its stability teach some lessons about the euro regime’s incompatibility with the claims for sovereignty of those who live on the Community’s money and credit

3. The politico-economic substance of the German restructuring dictates: The euro is a successful means of command over global sources of wealth and thus a real weapon in competition with the dollar — or it has failed its purpose!

4. Germany fights to assert itself as the political guarantor power for the Community money and the indissoluble unity of the European club of states

The Imperialist Truth About the Greek Crisis and Bailout
An Aid Program for Germany's European Project

1. The situation Germany has created: A recovery plan anticipating its own failure — why is there such a thing?

2. The Schäuble case: Germany's fight for the politico-economic principles of a successful world currency

3. The Merkel case: The struggle for a supranationally integrated Europe under German leadership