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American power and its use

American power and its use

A. The global management of force

1. The special position of America where force is concerned: Intervening in all matters of power in order to decide them
2. The claim on which America stands: A worldwide regime to control the use of political force
3. American means and methods for asserting and securing global superiority
4. Diplomatic superstructure: The United Nations
5. Ideological superstructure: Treating world politics as the administration of justice and morality
Some intermediate results: American power and its material prerequisites

B. Global capitalism

6. America's special status in commercial affairs: interfering and acknowledged all over the world
7. The domestic foundations for America's worldwide success: land and people under capitalistic management
8. Capitalism after the World War: America's world economy
9. The United States in competition for the best world money: American site policy — the national territory as the foundation for global growth
10. Commerce and force: competing for total imperialistic success