Putsch in Honduras
Lots of democracy for a poorhouse of Latin America
[Translated from the weekly radio analysis of GegenStandpunkt Publishers, July 27, 2009]

After the president — considered to be “leftist” — intended to get approval from the people by referendum for a “constituent assembly” against parliament, the electoral tribunal, and the supreme court, the armed forces staged a coup and deported Zelaya to Nicaragua. For the first time, the U.S. expressly condemned a military putsch in their backyard, denying recognition to the new government, and declaring the affair to be a precedent for their new foreign policy.


The office of president of the United States of America
A License to Kill
How and why U.S. citizens pick a leader with the participation of the entire free world and still vote freely and willingly

[Translated from the analysis of GegenStandpunkt Publishers on Radio Lora München from October 27, 2008]

Honorable Business
What the Collapse of the Financial System Teaches about the Wealth of Capitalistic Nations

[translated from junge Welt 29.09.2008]


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