Elections in Afghanistan — The reason, purpose, and failure of a bloody farce
Staged by a local puppet troupe, directed by the Free West, enforced by NATO soldiers under U.S. command, with scant public interest, to the applause of the democratic press, and with sporadic booing of the leading man

[Translated from the weekly radio analysis of GegenStandpunkt Publishers, October 6, 2009]

Putsch in Honduras
Lots of democracy for a poorhouse of Latin America
[Translated from the weekly radio analysis of GegenStandpunkt Publishers, July 27, 2009]

After the president — considered to be “leftist” — intended to get approval from the people by referendum for a “constituent assembly” against parliament, the electoral tribunal, and the supreme court, the armed forces staged a coup and deported Zelaya to Nicaragua. For the first time, the U.S. expressly condemned a military putsch in their backyard, denying recognition to the new government, and declaring the affair to be a precedent for their new foreign policy.


The office of president of the United States of America
A License to Kill
How and why U.S. citizens pick a leader with the participation of the entire free world and still vote freely and willingly

[Translated from the analysis of GegenStandpunkt Publishers on Radio Lora München from October 27, 2008]


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